Constructor for DataSpaceConnection

connectDS(login = NULL, password = NULL, verbose = FALSE, onStaging = FALSE)



A character. Optional argument. If there is no netrc file a temporary one can be written by passing login and password of an active DataSpace account.


A character. Optional. The password for the selected login.


A logical. Whether to print the extra details for troubleshooting.


A logical. Whether to connect to the staging server instead of the production server.


an instance of DataSpaceConnection


Instantiates an DataSpaceConnection. The constructor will try to take the values of the various labkey.* parameters from the global environment. If they don't exist, it will use default values. These are assigned to `options`, which are then used by the DataSpaceConnection class.


if (FALSE) {
con <- connectDS()

con <- try(connectDS())
#> Error : There is no netrc file. Use `writeNetrc()` to create one.
if (inherits(con, "try-error")) {
  warning("Read README for more information on how to set up a .netrc file.")
#> Warning: Read README for more information on how to set up a .netrc file.