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Returns month and year if a postcode was terminated or is no longer active.





A string. Terminated UK postcode.


A data frame with data about terminated postcode. NULL if postcode is active.

  • postcode Postcode. All currently terminated postcodes within the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, received every 3 months from Royal Mail. 2, 3 or 4-character outward code, single space and 3-character inward code.

  • year_terminated Termination year. Year of termination of a postcode.

  • month_terminated Termination month. Month of termination of a postcode. 1-January, 2-February, ..., 12-December.

  • longitude Longitude. The WGS84 longitude given the Postcode's national grid reference.

  • latitude Latitude. The WGS84 latitude given the Postcode's national grid reference.

See for more details.


# \donttest{
terminated_postcode("EC1Y 8LX") # existing postcode
#> Warning: Not Found (HTTP 404).
terminated_postcode("E1W 1UU") # terminated postcode
#>   postcode year_terminated month_terminated longitude latitude
#> 1  E1W 1UU            2015                2 -0.073732 51.50801
# }