Great, thank you!

We foster open, respectful software development following the code of conduct put forward by the R Community. Please take a moment to review and adhere to these guidelines when contributing:

R Community Code of Conduct


Just using the package and giving feedback is contributing. If the package is not working as described, congratulations you’ve discovered a bug! If you think this is the case, please submit an issue to the github issue system.

Include a reproducible example in the issue or a link to a gist, with the following:

  1. Succinct title and description of expected results
  2. Code with library dependencies and representative data for input
  3. Observed results description

Please check that the example runs in a fresh R session before submitting.


If you haven’t run into a bug, but would like the package to do something that it currently doesn’t, you’re welcome to:

  1. Fork the repository and develop your own additions. Take a look at how our code is structured (including the comments and help documentation). Also, develop appropriate tests to check that your code is correctly integrated and runs (see the [[tests]] directory).
  2. Submit an enhancement to the issue system. We welcome new ideas. If you think there’s a feature that would be useful for the community of users to have available in the package, but aren’t able to develop it your self, please let us know.

Retrospective Provenance

If you have used or are a developer who uses retrospective provenance that is not currently handled by Rclean, please submit an enhancement to the issue system. We’ll be happy to help implement it.

Thanks for contributing and keeping scientific software open!