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This function creates bibliographic information by reading the Metadata and text of PDFs stored in a user specified directory using Poppler ( IF requested, the function first searches for DOIs and downloads BibTeX entries from ReadCrossRef if DOIs are found. If this is not requested or a DOI is not found for an entry, an attempt is made to build a BibTeX entry from the metadata and text.


  .enc = "UTF-8",
  recursive = TRUE,
  use.crossref = TRUE,
  use.metadata = TRUE,
  progress = FALSE



character; path to directory containing pdfs or filename of one pdf. normalizePath is used on the specified path


character; text encoding to use for reading pdf and creating BibEntry object. Available encodings for Poppler can be found using system("pdfinfo -listenc"). The encoding must also be listed in iconvlist().


logical; same as list.files. Should pdfs in subdirectories of path be used?


logical; should an attempt be made to download bibliographic information from CrossRef if any Document Object Identifiers (DOIs) are found? This is only supported if the Suggeseted package bibtex is found.


logical; should the PDF metadata also be used to help create entries?


logical; should progress bar be generated when fetching from CrossRef?


An object of class BibEntry.


This function requires that the pdfinfo utility from Poppler PDF be installed.

This function will create only Article or Misc BibTeX entries.

The absolute path to each file will be stored in the bib entry in a field called ‘file’, which is recognized by BibLaTeX (though not printed by any standard style) and can be used by the open.BibEntry function to open the PDF in the default viewer.

If the keywords metadata field is available, it will be added to the bib entry in a field ‘keywords’, which is recognized by BibLaTeX.


if (FALSE) {
path <- system.file("doc", package = "RefManageR")