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Get Bibliography Information From a Zotero Library.


  temp.file = tempfile(fileext = ".bib"),
  delete.file = TRUE



Zotero userID for use in calls to the Zotero API. This is not the same as your Zotero username. The userID for accessing user-owned libraries can be found at after logging in.


Zotero groupID for use in calls to the Zotero API. Only one of user and group should be specified; group will be ignored if both are specified.


A named list of parameters to use in requests to the Zotero API with possible values

  • q - Search string to use to search the library

  • qmode - Search mode. Default is "titleCreatorYear". Use "everything" to include full-text content in search.

  • key - API key. This must be specified to access non-public libraries.

  • collection - name of a specific collection within the library to search

  • itemType - type of entry to search for; e.g., "book" or "journalArticle"

  • tag - name of tag to search for in library

  • limit - maximum number of entries to return

  • start - index of first entry to return


character; file name where the BibTeX data returned by Zotero will be temporarily written.


boolean; should temp.file be removed on exit?


An object of class BibEntry


See also


if (FALSE) {
## first two entries in library with bayesian in title
ReadZotero(user = "1648676", .params = list(q = "bayesian",
  key = "7lhgvcwVq60CDi7E68FyE3br", limit=2))

## Search specific collection
## collection key can be found by reading uri when collection is selected in Zotero
ReadZotero(user = "1648676", .params=list(q = "yu", key = "7lhgvcwVq60CDi7E68FyE3br",
  collection = "3STEQRNU"))

## Search by tag
## Notice the issue with how Zotero uses a TechReport entry for arXiv manuscripts
## This is one instance where the added fields of BibLaTeX are useful
ReadZotero(user = "1648676", .params=list(key = "7lhgvcwVq60CDi7E68FyE3br",
  tag = "Statistics - Machine Learning"))

## To read these in you must set check.entries to FALSE or "warn"
old.opts <- BibOptions(check.entries = FALSE)
length(ReadZotero(user = "1648676", .params = list(key = "7lhgvcwVq60CDi7E68FyE3br",
  tag = "Statistics - Machine Learning")))

## Example using groups
ReadZotero(group = "13495", .params = list(q = "Schmidhuber",
  collection = "QU23T27Q"))