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Sorts a BibEntry object by specified fields. The possible fields used for sorting and the order they are used in correspond with the options available in BibLaTeX.


# S3 method for BibEntry
  decreasing = FALSE,
  sorting = BibOptions()$sorting,
  .bibstyle = BibOptions()$,



an object of class BibEntry


logical; should the sort be increasing or decreasing?


sort method to use, see Details.


bibliography style; used when sort is called by print.BibEntry


internal use only


the sorted BibEntry object


The possible values for argument sorting are

  • nty - sort by name, then by title, then by year

  • nyt - sort by name, then by year, then title

  • nyvt - sort by name, year, volume, title

  • anyt - sort by alphabetic label, name, year, title

  • anyvt - sort by alphabetic label, name, year, volume, title

  • ynt - sort by year, name, title

  • ydnt - sort by year (descending), name, title

  • debug - sort by keys

  • none - no sorting is performed

All sorting methods first consider the field presort, if available. Entries with no presort field are assigned presort value “mm”. Next the sortkey field is used.

When sorting by name, the sortname field is used first. If it is not present, the author field is used, if that is not present editor is used, and if that is not present translator is used. All of these fields are affected by the value of max.names in .BibOptions()$max.names.

When sorting by title, first the field sorttitle is considered. Similarly, when sorting by year, the field sortyear is first considered.

When sorting by volume, if the field is present it is padded to four digits with leading zeros; otherwise, the string “0000” is used.

When sorting by alphabetic label, the labels that would be generating with the “alphabetic” bibstyle are used. First the shorthand field is considered, then label, then shortauthor, shorteditor, author, editor, and translator. Refer to the BibLaTeX manual Sections and 3.5 and Appendix C.2 for more information.


Lehman, Philipp and Kime, Philip and Boruvka, Audrey and Wright, J. (2013). The biblatex Package.


if (requireNamespace("bibtex")) { <- system.file("Bib", "biblatexExamples.bib", package="RefManageR")
    bib <- suppressMessages(ReadBib([[70:73]])
    BibOptions(sorting = "none")
    sort(bib, sorting = "nyt")
    sort(bib, sorting = "ynt")
    BibOptions(restore.defaults = TRUE)