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Add contributors to README.Rmd


  repo = ".",
  ncols = 7,
  files = c("README.Rmd", ""),
  type = c("code", "issues", "discussion"),
  exclude_label = "wontfix",
  exclude_issues = NULL,
  exclude_not_planned = TRUE,
  num_sections = 3,
  section_names = c("Code", "Issue Authors", "Issue Contributors"),
  format = "grid",
  check_urls = TRUE,
  alphabetical = FALSE,
  open_issue = FALSE,
  force_update = FALSE



Vector of repository locations for which contributions are to be extracted. Each location must be a git project with a github remote. Default is single repository in current working directory.


Number of columns for contributors in 'README'


Names of files in which to add contributors


Type of contributions to include: 'code' for direct code contributions (including documentation), 'issues' to recognise contributors who open issues, and 'discussion' for contributing to discussions within issues. Discussion contributions are only from individuals not present in either 'issues' or 'code'; and 'issues' contributions are only from individuals not present in 'code'.


Exclude any contributions from issues with specified label (default = "wontfix"; set to NULL or empty string to include all issues).


Numbers of any issues (or pull requests) to be excluded from lists of contributors.


If TRUE (default), exclude contributions to any issues closed as "not planned".


Number of sections in which to divide contributors:

  • 1 All contributions within single section regardless of type

  • 2 Contributions divided between a single section for code and a second section for all other issue-related contributions.

  • 3 Contributions divided into single sections for each of the three type arguments.


Names of the sections to appear on the nominated files.


One of ("grid", "list", "text") to control display of contributors as

  • 1 "grid" for a rectangular grid, with each contributor represented by their github avatar, with avatar linked to contributor profile and name linked to repository contributions.

  • 2 "list" for a more condensed list with github user names only and no avatars, one contributor per line linked to issue contributions.

  • 3 "text" for a single line of text containing comma-separated github user names linked to issue contributions.


If TRUE (default), GitHub URLs of all contributors are checked to ensure they are still valid. (This is generally the most time-consuming stage, so set to 'FALSE' if you are sure all URLs are valid.)


If TRUE, order contributors alphabetically, otherwise order by decreasing numbers of contributions.


If TRUE, open or edit an issue on github in order to notify all contributors that they've been added to your README (see Note).


If TRUE, update the specified files even if contributions have not changed.


Named list of logical values indicating whether files of given names were updated or not is returned invisibly (that is, only if explicitly assigned to a return value).


Opening an issue on github requires the github command-line interface to be locally installed. See

See also

Other main: get_contributors()


# The following code extracts the contributors from the git repository
# associated with current working directory and writes them to a file.
if (FALSE) {
f <- tempfile (fileext = ".Rmd")
writeLines ("", f) # blank file in tempdir()
add_contributors (repo = ".", files = f)