Arrested Development


# Obtain the the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")

This package has 2 main functions to assist when you get stuck developing. It can

  1. Help you look up your error messages (lmgtfy() and tracestack())
  2. Help distract you (squirrel())

Both functions can be bound to hotkeys!


Help you look up error messages

lmgtfy() (Let Me Google That For You) will take your most recent error message and google it. Similarly tracestack() will search your most recent error message on Stack Overflow (thanks David!). Simply stick it at the end of the code giving you grief.

Help distract you

squirrel() will randomly send you to one of the following distracting websites:

or to a distracting website of your choice.

For example, this will send you to the Arrested Development wiki page.



Please direct them to our help desk: