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setup authentication

Login using asp_login(). Before logging in: You can pass in your username and password to the function. We strongly recommend not doing that though, and instead storing your credentials as environment variables, that are then read in within the package like Sys.getenv('ARCHIVESPACE_USER'). Store two env vars in your .Renviron file (create it if you don’t have one): ARCHIVESPACE_USER and ARCHIVESPACE_PWD. You can alternatively use R options that are stored in your .Rprofile file as archivespace_user and archivespace_pwd, but env vars are preferred. You can optionally set env vars during the R session by running Sys.setenv(ARCHIVESPACE_USER = 'your user name') and Sys.setenv(ARCHIVESPACE_PWD = 'your password'), or similarly with R options like options(archivespace_user = 'your user name') and options(archivespace_pwd = 'your password') - but these only last for the current R session.

You can logout with asp_logout()


Get citation information for aspacer in R by running: citation(package = 'aspacer')

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