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Automatically test an entire package by converting examples to yaml format and submitting each to the autotest_yaml function.


  package = ".",
  functions = NULL,
  exclude = NULL,
  test = FALSE,
  test_data = NULL,
  quiet = FALSE



Name of package, as either

  1. Path to local package source

  2. Name of installed package

  3. Full path to location of installed package if not on .libPaths, or

  4. Default which presumes current directory is within package to be tested.


Optional character vector containing names of functions of nominated package to be included in 'autotesting'.


Optional character vector containing names of any functions of nominated package to be excluded from 'autotesting'.


If FALSE, return only descriptions of tests which would be run with test = TRUE, without actually running them.


Result returned from calling either autotest_types or autotest_package with test = FALSE that contains a list of all tests which would be conducted. These tests have an additional flag, test, which defaults to TRUE. Setting any tests to FALSE will avoid running them when test = TRUE.


If 'FALSE', provide printed output on screen.


An autotest_package object which is derived from a tibble

tbl_df object. This has one row for each test, and the following nine columns:

  1. type The type of result, either "dummy" for test = FALSE, or one of "error", "warning", "diagnostic", or "message".

  2. test_name Name of each test

  3. fn_name Name of function being tested

  4. parameter Name of parameter being tested

  5. parameter_type Expected type of parameter as identified by autotest.

  6. operation Description of the test

  7. content For test = FALSE, the expected behaviour of the test; for test = TRUE, the observed discrepancy with that expected behaviour

  8. test If FALSE (default), list all tests without implementing them, otherwise implement all tests.

  9. yaml_hash' A unique hash which may be be used to extract the yaml` specification of each test.

Some columns may contain NA values, as explained in the Note.


Some columns may contain NA values, including:

  • parameer and parameter_type, for tests applied to entire functions, such as tests of return values.

  • test_name for warnings or errors generated through "normal" function calls generated directly from example code, in which case type will be "warning" or "error", and content will contain the content of the corresponding message.

See also

Other main_functions: autotest_types()