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beastier is an R package to run BEAST2.

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beastier is part of the babette package suite:

Related R packages:

Install BEAST2

Due to CRAN policy, beastier cannot install BEAST2. As a workaround, the non-CRAN beastierinstall can be used.

To install BEAST2:


Example for v2.1


output_state_filename <- "out.state"

  input_filename = get_beastier_path("2_4.xml"),
  output_state_filename = output_state_filename

This will create the files as specified in the 2_4.xml BEAST2 input file.

Example for v2.0.25

output_log_filename <- "out.log"
output_trees_filename <- "out.trees"
output_state_filename <- "out.state"

  input_filename = get_beastier_path("2_4.xml"),
  output_log_filename = output_log_filename,
  output_trees_filenames = output_trees_filename,
  output_state_filename = output_state_filename

Note that in this version, the filenames for the .log and .trees files could be specified. This is unneeded: the 2_4.xml BEAST2 input file specifies where these files will be stored:

<?xml [...]?><beast [...]>


<run [...]>


    <logger id="tracelog" fileName="test_output_0.log" [...]>


    <logger id="treelog.t:[...]" fileName="$(tree).trees" [...]>

When using beautier, this can be specified in create_mcmc:

  tracelog = create_tracelog(
    filename = "my_trace.log"
  treeslog = create_treeslog(
    filename = "my_trees.trees"



Missing features/unsupported

beastier cannot do everything BEAST2 can.

  • Remove: install BEAST2, use beastierinstall
  • Experimental: Continue a BEAST2 run
  • Untested: Setup BEAGLE

There is a feature I miss

See CONTRIBUTING, at Submitting use cases

I want to collaborate

See CONTRIBUTING, at ‘Submitting code’

I think I have found a bug

See CONTRIBUTING, at ‘Submitting bugs’

There’s something else I want to say

Sure, just add an Issue. Or send an email.


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Article about babette:

FASTA files anthus_aco.fas and anthus_nd2.fas from:

  • Van Els, Paul, and Heraldo V. Norambuena. “A revision of species limits in Neotropical pipits Anthus based on multilocus genetic and vocal data.” Ibis.