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ticcodecov DOI CRAN_Status_Badge status Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.

Provides functions to interface with Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) data, fetching data and returning a tidy data frame of précis forecasts, current weather data from stations, ag information bulletins, historical weather data and downloading and importing radar or satellite imagery.

Credit for the name, bomrang, goes to Di Cook, who suggested it while attending the rOpenSci AUUnconf in Brisbane, 2016.


BOM have decided that the data that they provide should not all be easily available. Therefore, some portions of this package (any that depend on HTTP requests) are now broken. These include:

All other functions in the package work as advertise assuming server availability as they rely on FTP requests.

BOM’s official statement

Website notification of change Scheduled Release Date: 3 March 2021 A web application firewall policy has been implemented for which will block screen scraping activity. The Bureau is monitoring screen scraping activity on the site and will commence interrupting, and eventually blocking, this activity on from Wednesday, 3 March 2021. This is aimed at protecting infrastructure, system access and security, intellectual property and server/service load. Web or screen scraping is the act of copying information that shows on a digital display so it can be used for another purpose. This activity has always been at odds with the Bureau’s terms and conditions. We understand contributes significantly to the work of many individuals and organisations and we are committed to continuing to provide access through our registered user’s channel. For further information, or to discuss the ongoing use of our materials, please make contact with us via .

Quick Start

bomrang has been archived from CRAN for reasons beyond bomrang actually being broken. As such at this time I’ve declined to “fix” the package. It can still be installed using the following commands.

if (!require("remotes")) {
  install.packages("remotes", repos = "")

install_github("ropensci/bomrang", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Using bomrang

Several functions are provided by bomrang to retrieve Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) data. A family of functions retrieve weather data and return tidy data frames;

A second group of functions retrieve information pertaining to satellite and radar imagery,

Vignettes are provided illustrating examples of all functions and a use case.