Fetch BOM radar imagery from ftp://ftp.bom.gov.au/anon/gen/radar/ and return a raster layer object. Files available are the most recent radar snapshot which are updated approximately every 6 to 10 minutes. Suggested to check file availability first by using get_available_radar.

get_radar_imagery(product_id, path = NULL, download_only = FALSE)



Character. BOM product ID to download and import as a raster object. Value is required.


Character. A character string with the name where the downloaded file is saved. If not provided, the default value NULL is used which saves the file in a temp directory.


Logical. Whether the radar image is loaded into the environment as a raster layer, or just downloaded.


A raster layer based on the most recent .gif' \acronym{radar} image snapshot published by the \acronym{BOM}. If \code{download_only = TRUE} there will be a NULL` return value with the download path printed in the console as a message.


Valid BOM Radar Product IDs for radar imagery can be obtained from get_available_radar.


Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) radar images

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Dean Marchiori, [email protected]


# \donttest{ # Fetch most recent radar image for Wollongong 256km radar library(raster)
#> Warning: package ‘raster’ was built under R version 4.0.3
#> Loading required package: sp
#> #> Attaching package: ‘raster’
#> The following object is masked from ‘package:bomrang’: #> #> select
imagery <- get_radar_imagery(product_id = "IDR032")
#> file downloaded to:/tmp/Rtmp6ERo0A/file4424e7538bf.gif
# Save imagery to a local path imagery <- get_radar_imagery(product_id = "IDR032", path = "image.gif")
#> file downloaded to:image.gif
# }