Get historical check data for all packages by date

cch_history(date, ...)



(character) a date of the form YYYY-MM-DD. required


Curl options passed to crul::verb-GET


a tibble with columns:

  • package: character vector of package names

  • summary: character vector of JSON hash's of check summary data

  • checks: character vector of JSON hash's of checks performed

  • check_details: character vector of check details. if no check details the string will be "null"; if details given, then a JSON hash of details

  • date_updated: character vector of dates, the date the check was performed on


This function gets historical data for all packages for a single day; see cch_pkgs_history() for last 30 days history for particular packages

You have to do a bit of data wrangling to get this data into a easily sortable/filterable/etc. form

See also


if (FALSE) { x <- cch_history(date = "2020-04-01") str(x) lapply(x$summary[1:3], jsonlite::fromJSON) }