Notifications: register your email address and get a token

cchn_register(email = NULL, token = NULL, ...)



(character) email address to use for interaction with the CRAN checks API. If no email address is given, we go through a few steps: check for the cached file mentioned below for any emails; use whoami::email_address(); if the location you are running this in is a package, we look for the maintainer's email address in the package.


(character) your CRAN checks API token. you shouldn't need to pass a token here. if you used cchn_register() your token should be cached


Curl options passed to crul::verb-GET


NULL - nothing returned


We cache a file with email addresses and tokens at the path file.path(rappdirs::user_data_dir("cranchecks", "cchecks"), "emails.csv") You can run that in R to get the path for the file on your machine.

To get a new token for an email address that was previously registered, go to the file above and delete the line with the email address and token for the email address in question; remember to save the change. Then when you run cchn_register() again for that email you can get a new token.

To add an email address that was validated before (probably on another machine), to the configuration file, call this function with the ‘email’ and ‘token’ arguments.