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R client package for the Circle CI REST API

This package aims to execute tasks such as build restarts, log queries or setting environment variables for the CI service provider Circlei CI from within R. It also simplifies the setup process for build deployments via use_circle_deploy().

{circle} does not come with an option to setup Circle CI YAML files. Please see the related {tic} package for such functionality.

API versions

All functionality uses the Circle CI API v2 which follows the pipelines -> workflows -> jobs approach. This API version is still in beta and might undergo some changes in the near future.

Some functions can also be used via API versions v1.1 and v1 via the api_version argument. However, this will only work if the respective endpoints are available for both API versions. Usually, there should be no need in practice to fall back to API version < 2.

If you want to get more information, have a look at the document explaining changes between v1.1 and v2.


Development Version:

Get Started

See the Getting Started vignette for an introduction.

Note to developers

This packages relies on using API keys to test its functionality. Please have a look at section “Testing the package” for more information.


This package was inspired by the work of Thomas J. Leeper on the (discontinued) cloudyr/circleci package and by the ropenscilabs/travis package.