A Circle CI API token is needed to interact with the Circle CI API. browse_circle_token() opens a browser window for the respective Circle CI endpoint to retrieve the key.



Returns TRUE (invisibly).

Store API token

circle supports two ways of storing the Circle API tokens:

  • via env vars R_CIRCLE

  • via ~/.circleci/cli.yml

The latter should already be present if you already used the circle CLI tool at some point in the past. If not, its up to your preference which approach to use.

The following instructions should help to set up ~/.circleci/cli.yml correctly:

  1. Copy the token from the browser after having called browse_circle_token(). You can use edit_circle_config() to open ~/.circleci/cli.yml.

  2. The token should be stored using the following structure

    host: https://circleci.com
    endpoint: graphql-unstable
    token: <token>


if (FALSE) {