Methods for getting IDs from other IDs

oc_doi2ids(id, ...)

oc_pmid2ids(id, ...)

oc_pmcid2ids(id, ...)



One or more digital object identifiers (DOI), PMID, or PMCID, depending on the function


curl options passed on to crul::verb-GET


data.frame, with four columns:

  • doi: digital object identifier

  • pmid: pubmed identifier

  • pmcid: pubmed central identifier

  • paper: open citations corpus url

An empty data.frame (no columns or rows) when no results found

Column order will always be the same; note though that some columns may be missing if, for example, there's no PMID for a DOI search.


if (oc_lookup_check()) { try( oc_doi2ids("10.1097/igc.0000000000000609", timeout_ms=10), silent = TRUE ) } ### More examples if (FALSE) { oc_doi2ids('10.1093/biomet/80.3.527') oc_doi2ids('10.1093/biomet/79.3.531') oc_pmid2ids("26645990") oc_pmcid2ids("PMC4679344") oc_doi2ids(id = oc_dois[1:3]) oc_pmid2ids(id = oc_pmids[1:3]) oc_pmcid2ids(id = oc_pmcids[1:3]) }