You want to contribute to citesdb? Great!

Please submit questions, bug reports, and requests in the issues tracker. Please submit bug reports with a minimal reprex.

If you plan to contribute code, go ahead and fork the repo and submit a pull request. A few notes:

  • This package is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms. Why? We want contribution to be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone!
  • If you have large change, please open an issue first to discuss.
  • I’ll generally include contributors as authors in the DESCRIPTION file (with their permission) for most contributions that go beyond small typos in code or documentation.
  • This package generally uses the rOpenSci packaging guidelines for style and structure.
  • Documentation is generated by roxygen2. Please write documentation in code files and let it auto-generate documentation files. We use a recent version so documentation my be written in markdown
  • We aim for testing that has high coverage and is robust. Include tests with any major contribution to code. Test your changes the package with goodpractice before submitting your change, and run spelling::spell_check_package() and lintr::lint_package(), both of which are tested.