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ckanr S3 classes

The classes

  • ckan_package - CKAN package

  • ckan_resource - CKAN resource

  • ckan_related - CKAN related item


The functions as.ckan_*() for each CKAN object type coerce something to a S3 class of that type. For example, you can coerce a package ID as a character string into an ckan_package object by calling as.ckan_package(<id>.

Testing for classes

To test whether an object is of a particular ckan_* class, there is a is._ckan_*() function for all of the classes listed above. You can use one of those functions to get a logical back, TRUE or FALSE.


These are simple S3 classes, basically an R list with an attached class so we can know what to do with the object and have flexible inputs and outputs from functions. You can edit one of these classes yourself by simply changing values in the list.