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ckanr is a full client for the CKAN API, wrapping all APIs, including for reading and writing data. Please get in touch ( or if you have problems, or have use cases that we don't cover yet.


Document for the CKAN API is at We'll always be following the latest version of the API.

ckanr package API

The functions can be grouped into those for setup, packages, resources, tags, organizations, groups, and users.


We are also working on supporting the Datastore extension ( We currently have these functions:


Data can come back in a huge variety of formats. We've attempted a function to help you fetch not just metadata but the actual data for a link to a file on a CKAN instance. Though if you know what you're doing, you can easily use whatever is your preferred tool for the job (e.g., maybe you like read.csv() for reading csv files).

CKAN Instances

We have a helper function (servers()) that spits out the current CKAN instances we know about, with URLs to their base URLs that should work using this package. That is, not necessarily landing pages of each instance, although, the URL may be the landing page and the base API URL.


Scott Chamberlain

Florian Mayer

Wush Wu

Imanuel Costigan