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Return the "type" of the current commodity database being used by comtradr. For a complete list of the different commodity DB types, see "details".




character vector of the "type" of the current commodity database.


Below is a list of all of the commodity database "types", with a very brief description for each. For more information on each of these types, see

  • HS: Harmonized System (HS), as reported

  • HS1992: HS 1992

  • HS1996: HS 1996

  • HS2002: HS 2002

  • HS2007: HS 2007

  • HS2012: HS 2012

  • SITC: Standard International Trade Classification (SITC), as reported

  • SITCrev1: SITC Revision 1

  • SITCrev2: SITC Revision 2

  • SITCrev3: SITC Revision 3

  • SITCrev4: SITC Revision 4

  • BEC: Broad Economic Categories

  • EB02: Extended Balance of Payments Services Classification


#> [1] "HS"