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This requires you have the git command line program installed.The git_credential_ask function looks up a suitable username/password from the git-credential store. If none are available it will prompt the user for credentials which may be saved the store. On subsequent calls for the same URL, the function will then return the stored credentials without prompting the user.


git_credential_ask(url = "", save = TRUE, verbose = TRUE)

git_credential_update(url = "", verbose = TRUE)

git_credential_forget(url = "", verbose = TRUE)



target url, possibly including username or path


in case the user is prompted for credentials, attempt to remember them.


print errors from git credential to stdout


The appearance and security policy of the credential store depends on your version of git, your operating system, your R frontend and which credential_helper is used. On Windows and MacOS the credentials are stored in the system password manager by default.

It should be assumed that reading credentials always involves user interaction. The user may be asked to unlock the system keychain or enter new credentials. In reality, user interaction is usually only required on the first authentication attempt, but the security policy of most credential helpers prevent you from programmatically testing if the credentials are already unlocked.

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