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Each SystemMetadata document may contain a set of (subject, permission) tuples that represent the access rules for its associated object. This method determines whether a particular access rule already exists within the set.

If called for a DataObject, then the SystemMetadata for the DataObject is checked.

If called for a DataPackage, then the SystemMetadata for DataObjects in the DataPackage are checked.


hasAccessRule(x, ...)

# S4 method for SystemMetadata
hasAccessRule(x, subject, permission)

# S4 method for DataObject
hasAccessRule(x, subject, permission)

# S4 method for DataPackage
hasAccessRule(x, subject, permission, identifiers = list(), ...)



the object to check for presence of the access rule.


Additional arguments


of the rule to be checked


the permission to be checked


A list of character values containing package member identifiers for which the access rule will be checked.


A logical value: if TRUE the access rule was found, if FALSE it was not found.

When called for SystemMetadata, boolean TRUE if the access rule exists already, FALSE otherwise

When called for a DataObject, boolean TRUE if the access rule exists already, FALSE otherwise

When called for a DataPackage, boolean TRUE if the access rule exists in all specified package members already, FALSE otherwise


# Check access rules for a SystemMetadata object.
sysmeta <- new("SystemMetadata")
sysmeta <- addAccessRule(sysmeta, "uid=smith,ou=Account,dc=example,dc=com", "write")
accessRules <- data.frame(subject=c("uid=smith,ou=Account,dc=example,dc=com", 
  "uid=slaughter,o=unaffiliated,dc=example,dc=org"), permission=c("write", "changePermission"))
sysmeta <- addAccessRule(sysmeta, accessRules)
ruleExists <- hasAccessRule(sysmeta, subject="uid=smith,ou=Account,dc=example,dc=com", 
# Check access rules for a DataObject
data <- system.file("extdata/sample-data.csv", package="datapack")
do <- new("DataObject", file=system.file("./extdata/sample-data.csv", package="datapack"), 
do <- setPublicAccess(do)
isPublic <- hasAccessRule(do, "public", "read")
accessRules <- data.frame(subject=c("uid=smith,ou=Account,dc=example,dc=com", 
                          permission=c("write", "changePermission"), 
do <- addAccessRule(do, accessRules)
SmithHasWrite <- hasAccessRule(do, "uid=smith,ou=Account,dc=example,dc=com", "write")
# Check access rules for member DataObjects of a DataPackage.
# First create an example DataPackage
dp <- new("DataPackage")
data <- charToRaw("1,2,3\n4,5,6\n")
obj <- new("DataObject", id="id1", dataobj=data, format="text/csv")
dp <- addMember(dp, obj)
data2 <- charToRaw("7,8,9\n4,10,11\n")
obj2 <- new("DataObject", id="id2", dataobj=data2, format="text/csv")
dp <- addMember(dp, obj2)
# Add access rules to all package members
dp <- addAccessRule(dp, "uid=smith,ou=Account,dc=example,dc=com", "write")
dp <- addAccessRule(dp, "uid=smith,ou=Account,dc=example,dc=com", "changePermission")
hasWrite <- hasAccessRule(dp, "uid=smith,ou=Account,dc=example,dc=com", "write")
hasChange <- hasAccessRule(dp, "uid=smith,ou=Account,dc=example,dc=com", "changePermission")