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The 'setValue' method is used to modify values stored in DataPackage members. Each member in a DataPackage is a DataObject which is an R S4 object that contains a set of values (slots). The available slots are described at help("DataObject-class").


setValue(x, ...)

# S4 method for DataPackage
setValue(x, name, value, identifiers = NA_character_, ...)



A DataPackage instance


(Not yet used)


A DataObject slot name.


A new value to assign to the slot for selected DataPackage members.


A list of identifiers of DataPackage members to update.


A DataPackage with possibly updated DataObjects.


If the parameter identifiers is provided, then DataPackage members that have identifiers specified in the list will be updated. If this parameter is not provided then no members will be updated. To update all members in a package, specify the value of identifiers=getIdentifiers(pkg) where pkg is the variable name of the DataPackage to update. Note that this method can be used to update the data or filenane slots, but it is instead recommended to us the replaceMember method to achieve this, as the replaceMember method assists in properly setting the related SystemMetadata values.


# First create a package that we can modify. 
dp <- new("DataPackage")
data <- charToRaw("1,2,3\n4,5,6")
# The next statment sets the format type incorrectly as an example, so we can correct it later
do <- new("DataObject", id="myNewId", dataobj=data, format="image/jpg", user="jsmith")
dp <- addMember(dp, do)
data <- charToRaw("7,8.9\n4,10,11")
# This next statement also sets the format type incorrectly
do <- new("DataObject", id="myNewId2", dataobj=data, format="image/jpg", user="jsmith")
dp <- addMember(dp, do)
# Change format types to correct value for both package members
# Careful! Specifying 'identifiers=getIdentifiers(dp) will update all package members!
dp <- setValue(dp, name="sysmeta@formatId", value="text/csv", identifiers=getIdentifiers(dp))