Extract variableNames from data file(s) and add them to attributes.csv. The helper validate_file_paths can be used to create vectors of valid file paths that can be checked and then passed as data_path argument to prep_attributes.

  data_path = "data",
  attributes_path = "data/metadata/attributes.csv",



character vector of either:

  1. path(s) to the data file(s).

  2. single path to directory containing data file(s). Currently only tabular .csv and .tsv files are supported. Alternatively attributes returned using names() can be extracted from r object, stored as .rds files.


path to the `attributes.csv`` file. Defaults to "data/metadata/attributes.csv".


parameters passed to list.files(). For example, use recursive = TRUE to list files in a folder recursively or use pattern to filter files for patterns.


prep_attributes() updates the attributes.csv and writes to attributes_path. validate_file_paths() returns a vector of valid file_paths detected from data_path.


if (FALSE) { create_spice() # extract attributes from all `csv`, `tsv`, `rds` files in the data folder (non recursive) prep_attributes() # recursive prep_attributes(recursive = TRUE) # extract attributes from a single file using file path data_path <- system.file("example-dataset","BroodTables.csv", package = "dataspice") prep_attributes(data_path) # extract attributes from a single file by file path pattern matching data_path <- system.file("example-dataset", package = "dataspice") prep_attributes(data_path, pattern = "StockInfo") # extract from a folder using folder path data_path <- system.file("example-dataset", package = "dataspice") prep_attributes(data_path) # get vector of valid (existing) file paths validate_file_paths(data_path) }