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R interface to the Berkeley Ecoinformatics Engine

Providing access to UC Berkeley’s Natural History Data

This package provides a R wrapper for the newly available ecoinformatics engine from UC Berkeley. The API is very new and currently provides access to two types of data.

  • Georeferenced data from the Wieslander project
  • Data on > 2 million georeferenced Berkley museum specimens.



A quick start guide is available both as markdown and a nicely formatted PDF or you can go through a set of slides from a recent talk.


Bug reports, feature requests and suggestions (especially as pull requests) are most welcome.

This package is part of a richer suite called SPOCC Species Occurrence Data, along with several other packages, that provide access to occurrence records from multiple databases. We recommend using SPOCC as the primary R interface to ecoengine unless your needs are limited to this single source.

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