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Elasticsearch nodes endpoints.


nodes_stats(conn, node = NULL, metric = NULL, raw = FALSE, fields = NULL, ...)

nodes_info(conn, node = NULL, metric = NULL, raw = FALSE, ...)

  node = NULL,
  metric = NULL,
  threads = 3,
  interval = "500ms",
  type = NULL,
  raw = FALSE,



an Elasticsearch connection object, see connect()


The node


A metric to get. See Details.


If TRUE (default), data is parsed to list. If FALSE, then raw JSON.


You can get information about field data memory usage on node level or on index level


Curl args passed on to crul::verb-GET


(character) Number of hot threads to provide. Default: 3


(character) The interval to do the second sampling of threads. Default: 500ms


(character) The type to sample, defaults to cpu, but supports wait and block to see hot threads that are in wait or block state.


By default, all stats are returned. You can limit this by combining any of indices, os, process, jvm, network, transport, http, fs, breaker and thread_pool. With the metric parameter you can select zero or more of:

  • indices Indices stats about size, document count, indexing and deletion times, search times, field cache size, merges and flushes

  • os retrieve information that concern the operating system

  • fs File system information, data path, free disk space, read/write stats

  • http HTTP connection information

  • jvm JVM stats, memory pool information, garbage collection, buffer pools

  • network TCP information

  • os Operating system stats, load average, cpu, mem, swap

  • process Process statistics, memory consumption, cpu usage, open file descriptors

  • thread_pool Statistics about each thread pool, including current size, queue and rejected tasks

  • transport Transport statistics about sent and received bytes in cluster communication

  • breaker Statistics about the field data circuit breaker

nodes_hot_threads() returns plain text, so base::cat() is used to print to the console.


if (FALSE) {
# connection setup
(x <- connect())

(out <- nodes_stats(x))
nodes_stats(x, node = names(out$nodes))
nodes_stats(x, metric='get')
nodes_stats(x, metric='jvm')
nodes_stats(x, metric=c('os','process'))
nodes_info(x, metric='process')
nodes_info(x, metric='jvm')
nodes_info(x, metric='http')
nodes_info(x, metric='network')