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Fetch and checkout pull requests.


git_checkout_pull_request(pr = 1, remote = NULL, repo = ".")

git_fetch_pull_requests(pr = "*", remote = NULL, repo = ".")



number with PR to fetch or check out. Use "*" to fetch all pull requests.


Optional. Name of a remote listed in git_remote_list(). If unspecified and the current branch is already tracking branch a remote branch, that remote is honored. Otherwise, defaults to origin.


The path to the git repository. If the directory is not a repository, parent directories are considered (see git_find). To disable this search, provide the filepath protected with I(). When using this parameter, always explicitly call by name (i.e. repo = ) because future versions of gert may have additional parameters.


By default git_fetch_pull_requests will download all PR branches. To remove these again simply use git_fetch(prune = TRUE).