Manage cached files


lsat_cache_delete(files, force = TRUE)

lsat_cache_delete_all(force = TRUE)

lsat_cache_details(files = NULL)



(character) one or more complete file names


(logical) Should files be force deleted? Default: TRUE


cache_delete only accepts 1 file name, while cache_delete_all doesn't accept any names, but deletes all files. For deleting many specific files, use cache_delete in a lapply() type call

We cache using rappdirs::user_cache_dir(), find your cache folder by executing rappdirs::user_cache_dir("landsat-pds")


  • lsat_cache_list() returns a character vector of full path file names

  • lsat_cache_delete() deletes one or more files, returns nothing

  • lsat_cache_delete_all() delete all files, returns nothing

  • lsat_cache_details() prints file name and file size for each file, supply with one or more files, or no files (and get details for all available)


if (FALSE) { # list files in cache lsat_cache_list() # List info for single files lsat_cache_details(files = lsat_cache_list()[1]) lsat_cache_details(files = lsat_cache_list()[2]) # List info for all files lsat_cache_details() # delete files by name in cache # lsat_cache_delete(files = lsat_cache_list()[1]) # delete all files in cache # lsat_cache_delete_all() }