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handl object


A handl object is what's returned from the reader functions, and what is passed to the writer functions. The handl object is a list, but using the print.handl method makes it look something like:

  from: codemeta
  many: TRUE
  count: 2
  first 10

You can always unclass() the object to get the list itself.

The handl object follows, which uses the Crosscite format as its internal representation. Note that we don't currently support writing to or reading from Crosscite.

Details on each entry are stored in the named attributes:

  • from: the data type the citations come from

  • many: is there more than 1 citation?

  • count: number of citations

  • finally, some details of the first 10 are printed

If you have a handl object with 1 citation, it is a named list that you can access with normal key indexing. If the result is length > 1, the data is an unnamed list of named lists; the top level list is unnamed, with each list within it being named.

Each named list should have the following components:

  • key: (string) a key for the citation, e.g., in a bibtex file

  • id: (string) an id for the work being referenced, often a DOI

  • type: (string) type of work

  • bibtex_type: (string) bibtex type

  • citeproc_type: (string) citeproc type

  • ris_type: (string) ris type

  • resource_type_general

  • additional_type: (string) additional type

  • doi: (string) DOI

  • b_url: (string) additional URL

  • title: (string) the title of the work

  • author: (list) authors, with each author a named list of

    • type: type, typically "Person"

    • name: full name

    • givenName: given (first) name

    • familyName: family (last) name

  • publisher: (string) the publisher name

  • is_part_of: (list) what the work is published in, or part of, a named list with:

    • type: (string) the type of work

    • title: (string) title of the work, often a journal or edited book

    • issn: (string) the ISSN

  • date_published: (string)

  • volume: (string) the volume, if applicable

  • first_page: (string) the first page

  • last_page: (string) the last page

  • description: (string) description of the work, often an abstract

  • license: (string) license of the work, a named list

  • state: (string) the state of the list

  • software_version: (string) software version

Citeproc formats may have extra fields that begin with csl_