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These are wholesale market prices in the city of Dijon in Burgundy in central France from 1568 to 1630. They include the major cereal grains, different qualities of wine, dried legumes, oils used for cooking, seeds, and candle wax made from beef tallow. All prices were generally recorded by the city council at the same time of year on the first market day after the feast of St. Martin (November 11). All prices are in sous tournois / 20 sous = 1 livre tournois.





dijon_prices is a data frame with 1,110 observations of 6 variables. dijon_prices_wide is a data frame with 19 observations of 65 variables. dijon_prices_wide contains the data as it was transcribed; that data has been converted to a tidy format in dijon_prices.


  • commodity: the commodity for sale

  • measure: the amount of the commodity for that price

  • price: the price in sous tournais.

  • citation, citation_date: citations and dates for documents in the Archives municipales de Dijon.


All citations are to the Archives municipales de Dijon. See the columns citation and citation_date in dijon_prices for the documents from which each price was gathered.


Mack Holt, George Mason University