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This dataset contains transcriptions of annual denominational records for Presbyterians in the United States. This data was compiled Herman Carl Weber for the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. in 1927. For an explanation of the variables, see the book from which the records were transcribed.




A data frame with 133 observations of 37 variables.


Weber includes two sections, one of raw data compiled from the Minutes of the General Assembly, which apparently includes the foreign membership of the Presbyterian churches. The second section contains the data that Weber used for his visualizations, which excludes the foreign membership and makes various calculations on the data.

Not all of the data in Weber is reproduced here. The data comes from part 1, with the tables on financial information excluded.

One field that varies in title from members received by exam to members received by confession varies in title, but has been presumed to refer to the same process.


Weber, Herman C. Presbyterian Statistics Through One Hundred Year, 1826--1926: Tabulated, Visualized, and Interpreted. Philadelphia: The General Council, Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1927.


Lincoln Mullen, George Mason University