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Download files for Internet Archive items.


ia_download(files, dir = ".", extended_name = TRUE, overwrite = FALSE,
  silence = FALSE)



A data frame of files returned by ia_files. You should filter this data frame to download only the files that you actually want.


The directory in which to save the downloaded files.


If this argument is FALSE, then the downloaded file will have a filename in the following format: itemidentifier.extension, e.g., thedamnationofth00133gut.txt. If there are multiple files of the same file type for an item, then the file names will not be unique. If this argument is TRUE, them the downloaded file will have a filename in the following format: itemidentifier-original-filename.extension, e.g., thedamnationofth00133gut-133.txt.


If TRUE, this function will download all files and overwrite them on disk if they have already been downloaded. If FALSE, then if a file already exists on disk it will not be downloaded again but other downloads will proceed normally.


If false, print the item IDs as they are downloaded.


A data frame including the file names of the downloaded files.


if (FALSE) {
if (require(dplyr)) {
  dir <- tempdir()
  ia_get_items("thedamnationofth00133gut") %>%
    ia_files() %>%
    filter(type == "txt") %>% # download only the files we want
    ia_download(dir = dir, extended_name = FALSE)