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jst_get_book() extracts meta-data from JSTOR-XML files for book chapters.





A .xml-file for a book or research report.


A tibble containing the extracted meta-data with the following columns:

  • file_name (chr): The filename of the original .xml-file. Can be used for joining with other data for the same file.

  • discipline (chr): The discipline from the discipline names used on JSTOR.

  • book_id (chr): The book id of type "jstor", which is not a registered DOI.

  • book_title (chr): The title of the book.

  • book_subtitle (chr): The subtitle of the book.

  • pub_day (int): Publication day, if specified.

  • pub_month (int): Publication month, if specified.

  • pub_year (int): Year of publication.

  • isbn (chr): One or more entries for the book's ISBN. If two or more, separated by "; ".

  • publisher_name (chr): The name of the publisher.

  • publisher_loc (chr): The location of the publisher.

  • n_pages (int): The number of pages.

  • language (chr): The language of the book.

A note about publication dates: always the first entry is being extracted, which should correspond to the oldest date, in case there is more than one date.


#> # A tibble: 1 × 13
#>   book_id     file_name discipline    book_title book_subtitle pub_day pub_month
#>   <chr>       <chr>     <chr>         <chr>      <chr>           <int>     <int>
#> 1 j.ctt24hdz7 book      Political Sc… The 2006 … A Coup to En…      30         4
#> # ℹ 6 more variables: pub_year <int>, isbn <chr>, publisher_name <chr>,
#> #   publisher_location <chr>, n_pages <int>, language <chr>