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Issues and Pull Requests

If you are considering a pull request, you may want to open an issue first to discuss with the maintainer(s).

Code contributions

  • Fork this repo to your GitHub account
  • Clone your version on your account down to your machine from your account, e.g,. git clone<yourgithubusername>/{repo}.git
  • Make sure to track progress upstream (i.e., on our version of {repo} at {owner}/{repo}) by doing git remote add upstream{owner}/{repo}.git. Before making changes make sure to pull changes in from upstream by doing either git fetch upstream then merge later or git pull upstream to fetch and merge in one step
  • Make your changes (bonus points for making changes on a new feature branch - see for how to contribute by branching, making changes, then submitting a pull request)
  • Push up to your account
  • Submit a pull request to home base (likely master branch, but check to make sure) at {owner}/{repo}

Discussion forum

Check out our discussion forum if you think your issue requires a longer form discussion.

Prefer to Email?

Email the person listed as maintainer in the DESCRIPTION file of this repo.

Though note that private discussions over email don’t help others - of course email is totally warranted if it’s a sensitive problem of any kind.

Thanks for contributing!