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Awesome that you are reading this.

This GitHub follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

  • For questions, you can create an Issue
  • Code changes go via Pull Requests

Which package to contribute to?

maurcer is part of the babette package suite, which consists out of five packages. Here is how to determine which package is best suited for your contribution:

If you want to contribute to the creation of BEAST2 XML input file, go to beautier.

If you want to contribute to how BEAST2 is run, go to beautier.

If you want to contribute to how BEAST2 output is parsed, go to tracerer

If you want to contribute how these packages work together, go to babette

If you want to contribute regarding the BEAST2 package management, you are at the right spot :-)

Submitting code

Submitted code should follow these quality guidelines:

  • All tests pass cleanly/silently
  • Code coverage must be 100%
  • Coding style should follow the default style by lintr

These are all checked by Travis CI when submitting a Pull Request.

Emails with code will not be accepted.

Submitting bugs

Awesome. These are your options:

  • Add an Issue, with the test that fails
  • Submit a Pull Request, where the test is added to the tests/testthat folder
  • Send @richelbilderbeek an email (@richelbilderbeek will make an Issue of it)

Pull Requests should follow the same guidelines as ‘Submitting code’.

Branching policy

  • The master branch should always build successfully
  • The development branch is for developers

git usage

To get started working on babette do:

git clone

Development is done on the develop branch. To download and checkout the develop branch, first go into the beautier folder (cd babette), then do:

git checkout develop

Then the workflow is the common git workflow:

git pull
git add --all :/
git commit -m "Did something awesome"
git push