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List all BEAST2 packages that are available and installed. Will stop if there is no internet connection


  beast2_folder = beastier::get_default_beast2_folder(),
  has_internet = curl::has_internet(),
  verbose = FALSE



the folder where the BEAST2 is installed. Note that this is not the folder where the BEAST2 executable is installed: the BEAST2 executable is in a subfolder. Use get_default_beast2_folder to get the default BEAST2 folder. Use get_default_beast2_bin_path to get the full path to the default BEAST2 executable. Use get_default_beast2_jar_path to get the full path to the default BEAST2 jar file.


boolean to indicate if the user has access to the internet. By default, this value equals the result of curl::has_internet


set to TRUE for extra output, as can be used in debugging


a data frame with columns

  1. name package name, for example, codebdmm

  2. installed_version the installed version, for example, 2.6.2. installed_version will be NA if the package is not installed

  3. latest_version version number of the latest version, for example, 2.6.3

  4. dependencies packages the package depends on, for example BEASTLabs, GEO_SPHERE. dependencies will be empty if there are no dependencies

  5. description description of the package, for example Nested sampling for model selection and posterior inference


Richèl J.C. Bilderbeek


if (beastier::is_beast2_installed() && curl::has_internet()) {