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'BEAST2' (<>) is a widely used Bayesian phylogenetic tool, that uses DNA/RNA/protein data and many model priors to create a posterior of jointly estimated phylogenies and parameters.


'BEAST2' is commonly accompanied by 'BEAUti 2' (<>), which, among others, allows one to install 'BEAST2' package. This package allows to install 'BEAST2' packages from 'R'.

* get_beast2_pkg_names: get the names of all BEAST2 packages * install_beast2_pkg: install a BEAST2 package * is_beast2_pkg_installed: determine if a BEAST2 package is installed * uninstall_beast2_pkg: uninstall a BEAST2 package

See also

mauricer is part of the babette package suite:

  • babette: work with BEAST2

  • beautier: create BEAST2 input files

  • beastier: run BEAST2

  • mauricer: install BEAST2 packages

  • tracerer: parse and analyse BEAST2 output