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Determine if the marg_liks is valid


is_marg_liks(marg_liks, verbose = FALSE)



a table of (estimated) marginal likelihoods, as, for example, created by est_marg_liks. This data.frame has the following columns:

  • site_model_name: name of the site model, must be an element of get_site_model_names

  • clock_model_name: name of the clock model, must be an element of get_clock_model_names

  • tree_prior_name: name of the tree prior, must be an element of get_tree_prior_names

  • marg_log_lik: estimated marginal (natural) log likelihood

  • marg_log_lik_sd: estimated error of marg_log_lik

  • weight: relative model weight, a value from 1.0 (all evidence is in favor of this model combination) to 0.0 (no evidence in favor of this model combination)

  • ess: effective sample size of the marginal likelihood estimation

Use get_test_marg_liks to get a test marg_liks. Use is_marg_liks to determine if a marg_liks is valid. Use check_marg_liks to check that a marg_liks is valid.


if TRUE show debug output


TRUE if the argument is a valid marg_liks, FALSE otherwise