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Set the mcbette state to having BEAST2 installed with or without installing the BEAST2 NS package.


  beast2_folder = beastier::get_default_beast2_folder(),
  verbose = FALSE



the mcbette state, which is a list with the following elements:

  • beast2_installed TRUE if BEAST2 is installed, FALSE otherwise

  • ns_installed NA if BEAST2 is not installed. TRUE if the BEAST2 NS package is installed FALSE if the BEAST2 NS package is not installed


the folder where the BEAST2 is installed. Note that this is not the folder where the BEAST2 executable is installed: the BEAST2 executable is in a subfolder. Use get_default_beast2_folder to get the default BEAST2 folder. Use get_default_beast2_bin_path to get the full path to the default BEAST2 executable. Use get_default_beast2_jar_path to get the full path to the default BEAST2 jar file.


if TRUE show debug output


In newer versions of BEAST2, BEAST2 comes pre-installed with the BEAST2 NS package. For such a version, one cannot install BEAST2 without NS. A warning will be issues if one intends to only install BEAST2 (i.e. without the BEAST2 NS package) and gets the BEAST2 NS package installed as a side effect as well.

Also, installing or uninstalling a BEAST2 package from a BEAST2 installation will affect all installations.

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