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This R package is an interface to the MonkeyLearn API. MonkeyLearn is a Machine Learning platform on the cloud that allows software companies and developers to easily extract actionable data from text. 🐒

The current goal of the package is not to support machine learning algorithms development with R or the API, but only to reap the benefits of the existing modules on Monkeylearn. Therefore, there are only two types of functions, one for using extractors (monkey_extract and the old less user-friendly monkeylearn_extract), and one for using classifiers (monkey_classify and the old less user-friendly monkeylearn_classify). The difference between extractors and classifiers is that extractors output information about words, whereas classifiers output information about each text as a whole. Named entity recognition is an extraction task, whereas assigning a topic to a text is a classification task.

Installation and setup

To install the stable CRAN version:


To install the development version:


To get an API key for MonkeyLearn, register at Note that MonkeyLearn supports registration through GitHub, which makes the registration process really easy. For ease of use, save your API key as an environment variable as described at

All functions of the package will conveniently look for your API key using Sys.getenv("MONKEYLEARN_KEY") so if your API key is an environment variable called “MONKEYLEARN_KEY” you don’t need to input it manually.

Please also create a “MONKEYLEARN_PLAN” environment variable indicating whether your Monkeylearn plan is “free”, “team” or “business”.


Please refer to the pkgdown website to read docs, in particular the reference and the vignettes.

External use cases

Submit your use cases by opening a new issue!

Using the newer set of functions monkey_extract and monkey_classify