R client for museum metadata

Currently musemeta can get data from:

Other sources of museum metadata will be added…check back later & see issues.


Get ckanr first, not on CRAN yet (I’ll get ckanr up to CRAN before this is on CRAN)


Then install musemeta


MET data

To get actual metadata for an object, you can use met() or scrapi_get() functions. The latter gets much more data, and uses a REST API, while the former scrapes the html directly, and can be more fragile with any changes in the html on the site.

Using the scrapi API

Note: the /random endpoint is down.

This is again, for The Metropolitan Museum of Art only

Get a specific object

Search for objects

Get an object, with a scrapi.org url

or an object id

CSTMC data

List changes

List datasets

Search for packages