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naijR is an R package that contains a suite of functions that make it easier to deal with data and datasets about the country Nigeria and its constituent parts.

Inspiration for the project is drawn from experience within real data science projects where peculiar problems are often encountered, such as:

  • Data cleaning: When dealing with data specific to the county, there are data entry issues that seem to occur quite frequently. Rather applying repetitious data cleaning tasks, it is better to encapsulate them in a way to automate them.
  • Data point ambiguity: Although key data are standardized by relevant authorities e.g. names of administrative divisions like Local Government Areas, it is still common to find bodies of data where these points are used arbitrarily and incorrectly.
  • Dependence on idiosyncratic tools: Many organisations in Nigeria defer to the use of tools that add their own layer of complexity to data management without due cognisance being taken of the peculiarities associated with local data sets.

naijR brings an approach to data analysis that is tailored towards enhance the productivity of anyone working with any data that has to do with Nigeria.

Things that naijR can do

There are a number of things that one can to with this package. These include:

  • List all the States of the Nigerian Federation or group them by geo-political zones.
  • List the Local Government Areas, either as a whole or by their States.
  • Check if a data structure contains an administrative division. As of this version, only States are supported.
  • Fix incorrectly entered mobile numbers.
  • Draw maps of Nigeria using vector graphics, including choropleth maps at State level.

Additional functionality is being added and will be available in future releases.

Getting Started

The easiest way to start using this package is within an active R session by running

This will install the stable version from CRAN. To work with the development version of the package, it can be installed from GitHub with

# install.packages('remotes')

For an introduction to the package’s ability to draw Nigeria country maps, read this article