This function check the status (native or exotic) of a species in each of the eu countries.

For that end, it checks Flora Europaea ( and scrapes the data from there.

Note that the webpage contains more information.

As expected, the function is as good as the database is. I think for native species is robust but new exotic species are not added as to my knowledge the database is not updated anymore. The database is not able to recognize species synonyms.

See for explanation of the database codes.

flora_europaea(sp, messages = TRUE, ...)



character; a vector of length one with a single scientific species names in the form of c("Genus species").


logical; If TRUE (default), informative messages printed


curl options passed on to HttpClient


A list of vectors containing the countries where the species is native, exotic, ...


Ignasi Bartomeus [email protected]


if (FALSE) { sp <- c("Lavandula stoechas", "Carpobrotus edulis", "Rhododendron ponticum", "Alkanna lutea", "Anchusa arvensis") flora_europaea(sp[1]) sapply(sp, flora_europaea, simplify = FALSE) flora_europaea('Calendula officinalis') }