ots is an R client to retrieve data from various ocean time series datasets, including:

  • BATS
  • HOT
  • LTER Kelp
  • UOPG
  • more to come…

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What’s the point of getting data from the web in R? This way we only have to solve the problem of how to efficiently get a dataset once, then you can benefit from that. In addition, this should allow you to get any changes to the dataset that appear, or corrections. Last, getting data programatically in R should get you one step closer to a reproducible workflow, one that makes science easier primarily for yourself, and for others using your work.




#> <CALCOFI data>
#> Metadata: none yet
#>    cst_cnt         cruise_id      cruz_sta dbsta_id
#> 1        1 1949-03-01-C-31CR 9.629490e-311  5400560
#> 2        2 1949-03-01-C-31CR 9.629490e-311  5200750
#> 3        3 1949-03-01-C-31CR 9.629490e-311  5100850
#> 4        4 1949-03-01-C-31CR 9.629490e-311  5000950
#> 5        5 1949-03-01-C-31CR 9.629490e-311  5001040
#> 6        6 1949-03-01-C-31CR 9.629490e-311  4901140
#> 7        7 1949-03-01-C-31CR 9.629490e-311  5671460
#> 8        8 1949-03-01-C-31CR 9.629490e-311  5671360
#> 9        9 1949-03-01-C-31CR 9.629491e-311  5801270
#> 10      10 1949-03-01-C-31CR 9.629491e-311  5901170
#> ..     ...               ...           ...      ...
#> Variables not shown: cast_id (chr), sta_id (chr), quarter (int), sta_code
#>      (chr), distance (dbl), date (chr), year (int), month (int),
#>      julian_date (int), julian_day (int), time (chr), lat_dec (dbl),
#>      lat_deg (int), lat_min (dbl), lat_hem (chr), lon_dec (dbl), lon_deg
#>      (int), lon_min (dbl), lon_hem (chr), rpt_line (dbl), st_line (dbl),
#>      ac_line (dbl), rpt_sta (dbl), st_station (dbl), ac_sta (dbl),
#>      bottom_d (int), secchi (int), forelu (int), ship_name (chr),
#>      ship_code (chr), data_type (chr), order_occ (int), event_num (int),
#>      cruz_leg (int), orig_sta_id (chr), data_or (chr), cruz_num (chr),
#>      intchl (dbl), intc14 (dbl), inc_str (chr), inc_end (chr), pst_lan
#>      (chr), civil_t (chr), timezone (int), wave_dir (int), wave_ht (int),
#>      wave_prd (int), wind_dir (int), wind_spd (int), barometer (dbl),
#>      dry_t (dbl), wet_t (dbl), wea (int), cloud_typ (int), cloud_amt
#>      (int), visibility (int)

More coming…