Utility function for determining the working directory from arglist. The working directory can be determined from the arglist either by a key:value or an index. For example, the working directory may be determined by the key -wd in which case this function will identify whether this key exists in the arglist and will return its corresponding value. Alternatively, the working directory may be determined by the first argument (e.g. an input file), in which case setting i=1 will return the first argument in the arglist. If an input file is returned, a user can use dirpath_get to convert the file path to a directory path. If both key and i are provided, key takes precedence. If no key or i is provided and/or no working directory is found in the arguments, the function will return the R session's working directory. If no arguments are provided, returns empty character vector.

wd_get(arglist, key = NULL, i = NULL)



Arguments as character vector


Argument key identifying the working directory, e.g. -wd


Index in the arglist that determines the working directory, e.g. 1.




library(outsider.base) # wd is determined by key argument arglist <- c('-a', 10, '-wd', 'path/to/wd', '-b', 'model2') (wd_get(arglist = arglist, key = '-wd'))
#> [1] "path/to/wd"
# wd is determined by an index arglist <- c('path/to/wd', '-a', 10, '-b', 'model2') (wd_get(arglist = arglist, i = 1))
#> [1] "path/to/wd"