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Build outsider modules!

This package aims to make life easier for those who wish to build their own outsider modules. In just a few function calls: build a module skeleton, check the file structures, test the module and upload it online! Top banana! 🍌

Acquaint yourself better with all these steps by reading up on:

Happy building! 🔧


Install via GitHub ….

# install.packages("remotes")

In addition to installing outsider.devtools, the above code will also install the key dependency packages outsider.base and outsider. (Read up on remotes)

Quick guide

Build an outsider module to run echo via the Linux distribution Ubuntu in just a few function calls.

# make my own quick package

# construct a skeleton file structure for the module
module_path <- module_skeleton(program_name = 'echo', flpth = getwd())

# check the file structure
module_check(flpth = module_path)

# look-up key identifying names: R package name, Docker image name
module_identities(flpth = module_path)

# build the R package and Docker image
module_build(flpth = module_path, tag = 'latest')

# test the module
module_test(flpth = module_path)

Visit the webpage “The Basics” to find out more.

How do the outsider packages interact?


Bennett et al., (2020). outsider: Install and run programs, outside of R, inside of R. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(45), 2038,


Dom Bennett