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Generate report on package compliance with rOpenSci Statistical Software requirements as background process





Path to local repository


A processx object connecting to the background process generating the main pkgcheck results (see Note).


The return object will by default display whether it is still running, or whether it has finished. Once it has finished, the results can be obtained by calling $get_result(), or the main pkgcheck function can be called to quickly retrieve the main results from local cache.

This function does not accept the extra_env parameter of the main pkgcheck function, and can not be used to run extra, locally-defined checks.

See also

Other pkgcheck_fns: pkgcheck(), print.pkgcheck()


if (FALSE) {
# Foreground checks as "blocking" process which will return
# only after all checks have finished:
checks <- pkgcheck ("/path/to/my/package")

# Or run process in background, do other things in the meantime,
# and obtain checks once they have finished:
ps <- pkgcheck_bg ("/path/to/my/package")
ps # print status to screen, same as 'ps$print()'
# To examine process state while running:
f <- ps$get_output_file ()
readLines (f) # or directly open file with local file viewer
# ... ultimately wait until 'running' changes to 'finished', then:
checks <- ps$get_result ()