Plumber API to report on package structure and function. Uses functionality provided by the packages r-lib/pkgapi and packgraph which are not on CRAN and must first be installed with


The package can then be loaded the usual way:

Also uses the github GraphQL API which requires a local github token to be stored with an unambiguous name including GITHUB and maybe QL, if alternative GITHIB tokens already exist. This can be obtained from github (via your user settings), and stored using

Sys.setenv("GITHUB_QL" = "<my_token>")

This can also be set permanently by putting this line in your ~/.Renviron file (or creating this if it does not yet exist).

The package also works by locally caching previously analysed packages, in a pkgreport subdirectory of the location determined by


You may manually erase the contents of this subdirectory at any time at no risk.


The server associated with this package can be built by cloning this repository, and modifying the associated Dockerfile by inserting a GitHub token (as GITHUB_PAT). Then in the local directory holding a clone of this repo: